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Microwave links in the 21st century

Microwave links continue to be extremely important as a transmission technology. By means of continual ongoing development and adaptation to state-of-the-art technology, microwave continues to be an indispensable transmission medium in modern digital telecommunications.

Many well-known suppliers of telecommunications equipment include microwave links in their range of products. Examples of these suppliers are Alcatel-Lucent (since 2016 part of Nokia), Ericsson (both traditionally and since taking over the relevant product ranges of Bosch and Marconi), Huawei, NEC, Nokia (since taking over the relevant product ranges of Nokia and Siemens) and SIAE microelettronica.

The special nature of this technology enables highly specific applications. In certain conditions transmission by microwave is not just as good as line-based network transmission but instead clearly superior.

You will find the most important issues regarding this technology on the following pages:

Information on the current state-of-the-art
Summary of benefits and disadvantage
Classification of microwave link systems
Microwave antennas
Problems in microwave propagation
When are microwave links worthwhile?
Microwave projects worldwide

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