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The service I provide 

I have been planning microwave links for many years and for a very wide range of clients, including clients from outside the telecommunications industry, in Germany as well is in other countries of Europe and Asia. My wide and highly differentiated experience of many years covers the planning of short individual links within an urban area, the complete planning of nationwide, microwave-based access or backbone networks — and all degrees of complexity in between.

This experience, however, covers work in other fields apart from microwave link technology. In addition to comprehensive know-how of all types of wireless transmission technology, including WLAN and WiMAX, I have had many years of experience in the general planning of telecommunication and IT networks, both with traditional PDH and SDH technology and with ATM and Ethernet. My comprehensive experience on the operational side (fault analysis, network design, multiplexer configuration and routing) should also be mentioned.

I have frequently worked for mobile radio operators and hence I am well informed on the specific requirements of there transport and access networks and also the planning and optimisation of GSM/UMTS networks.

A particular strong focus of my work has been professional-level testing of new transmission technology on behalf of network operators (type approval, type acceptance). As a result of my wide experience I am in a position to develop and implement practical test scenarios for highly complex systems.

As an independent, self-employed engineer I'm happy to offer following services: 

As you would expect, the extent and content of the service I provide will be adapted to your individual conditions, requirements and wishes.

I carry out all the work myself for assignments that are not very extensive and have all the equipment needed for this. Furthermore I have first-rate connections to colleagues with whom I can take on and complete with success projects that are much more extensive.

To be able to work in the best interests of my customers I am not bound contractually to any manufacturers or electrical installation companies. When required, however, I have contacts to well-known supplies as well as reliable and competent electrical installation companies.

Your advantage: impartial consulting and hence the selection of optimum equipment for a particular project chosen from the product range of all well-known manufacturers and then adapted to your special conditions. 


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