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Complete planning

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Planning of individual microwave links or networks of all sizes 

In addition to the feasibility study already described the planning comprises as a rule following ongoing additional services:

Map Survey 

  • Reviewing the exact location coordinates 
  • Preparing a provisional path profile 
  • Determining the optimum antenna heights 
  • Determining azimuth and elevation 
  • Provisional calculation of the transmission quality 
  • Determining the appropriate frequency band 
  • Provisional antenna configuration 

Site Survey 

  • Collecting all location-based information relevant to the microwave link like for example service room, power supply, possibilities of erecting indoor units, distribution frames and interfaces to other network elements, cable ducts, grounding points 
  • Determining the exact antenna location 
  • Definition of supplementary reference points for the later alignment of the antennas (important above all for long-haul paths) 
  • Determining the required civil work to be carried out at the location (mounting pole, lightning protection, wall grommets, cable trays, etc) 
  • Checking for obstacles in the antenna near field, possibly LOS testing (For short-haul links, above all over densely built-up area, a LOS test is normally unavoidable) 

Path Survey 

  • Checking for possible obstacles in the transmission field and also making an exact survey of them 
  •  Checking for sources of possible secondary reflections 
  • Checking the area around the calculated reflection point with respect to surface, humidity, buildings and vegetation, and making surveys of obstacles 
  • Checking for construction work that could be an obstacle in the future 
  • Evaluation all data affecting the microwave propagation 
  • Final calculations of the transmission performance 
  • Final determination of the optimum antenna configuration 
  • Frequency planning and interference analysis 

For short-haul microwave links the activities of the path survey are usually made together with the site survey.

The planning documentation comprises calculations, path profiles, sketches, text descriptions and commentaries and also true-to-life and informative photographs.

You can use the planning documentation as a basis for comparing tenders of a number of equipment manufacturers.


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