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Feasibility studies

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Terms of use

Feasibility study 

In contrast to the entire planning stages, the feasibility study carried out first of all is restricted to a general analysis of whether microwave technology or another medium is best suited to solving your problem or not.

Depending on the concrete existing conditions, a feasibility study includes in general following steps: 

  • Analysis of the problem to be solved 
  • Touring the locations to be investigated and the visual inspection of the conditions to be found here (site survey) 
  • Checking the line of sight (LOS test) providing this is possible without significant difficulties 
  • Evaluation of the basic possibility of constructing the desired link 

The results of the feasibility study will be presented in a summarised form in a written report. According to the terms of reference this report could also include suggestions for civil work, general technical requirement, adaptation of interfaces and also recommendations for the most suitable equipment as well as alternatives.

The feasibility study will put you in a position to estimate the costs involved and to come to a decision based on the project's overall economic feasibility.

Should the feasibility study reveal that a direct microwave link is not possible, I shall be pleased to act on your behalf and look for suitable locations for active or passive repeater stations — investigating among other alternatives the possibility of renting existing microwave infrastructure of other network providers.


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