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Planning a microwave transmission network for mobile phone sites in the eastern part of Switzerland and in the canton of Tessin for Swisscom Mobile

Telephone exchange for Swisscom in Zurich-Herdern The microwave station cannot always easily be reached by cable car (Piz Scalottas, left) — sometimes you can only reach your goal on snow shoes (right). Even on holiday — here with friends on the Aroser Weißhorn mountain — my interest is caught by the microwave installation even if it can only be seen as a reflection in the restaurant window.

The microwave antennas on Mount Säntis, Switzerland have been installed in caverns protected by fibreglass cladding as a precaution against icing up. You will find fantastic views from Monte Generoso — one of the most important microwave sites in the south of the Swiss canton of Tessin. On the right a view of Lake Lugano.
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