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In Russia and other former states of the Soviet Union

Microwave link in Bashkiria, showing the telephone exchange in Ufa (left). New antennas in a space diversity arrangement have already been installed next to the old systems.
Path survey in difficult conditions (right)
A particularly interesting construction: this wire mesh serves as a passive microwave repeater station. Through dispersion a mountain ridge is effectively circumnavigated (obstacle scatter).

Russia: planning a microwave link axis from Saratov to Baskunchak. In the small town Pallasovka with the Railway Administration survey team in front of the monument to the German explorer Peter Simon Pallas (left);
mobile office in a railway carriage (right)
Nachichevan (exclave of Azerbaijan on the southern rim of the Caucasus): Planning an access network on behalf of SAMSUNG. The local construction team is shown here.
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